Serie A set to return to RAI Int’l





Several weeks ago, the Italian press reported that after 20+ years RAI Int’l will no longer have the rights to showcase the domestic league to millions of ex-pats and other fans throughout the world. After much negotiating, MP & Silva – the international rightsholders for Serie A – have reached a verbal agreement to bring Serie A action for the next 3 seasons to RAI Int’l subscribers. The 117 million euro fee represents a 30% increase from the previous contract. “We made a small sacrifice”, said Riccardo Silva, “to RAI for the fans because the guidelines require a distribution of the product oriented to preserve the enjoyment of the events in foreign territories which have strong Italian communities.”

RAI International currently has 200,000 subscribers in Central and South America;   100,000 in the US;   80,000 in Canada; and  50,000 in Australia.


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