Move over GOL-TV…literally.





Move over GOL-TV, at least for DirecTV subscribers as new boys BeInSportsUSA will take over the 2 channel slots currently alloted to GOL-TV on the DirecTV satellite service. Channels 426 (Spanish) and 620 (English) will be assigned to BeInSportsUSA when the channel launches Wednesday, August 15th, 2012.  GOL-TV will be moving to 456 (Spanish) and 627 (English). The move is seen as an attempt by DirecTV to keep at least La Liga matches on the same channel number and therefore diverting confusion for the casual fans who followed the league for the past 3 years on GOL-TV. But many questions still remain with the launch of the new channel(s). Mainly:

– Is the Spanish language version on channel 426 going to be an independant channel (“BeInSports2”) from “BeInSports1” or will will it be a mirror version the same way GOL-TV has been broadcasting from inception. BeInSports has promised 2 different channels and their rights content certainly could use the 2 channels as many kickoff times in Spain, Italy and France will see conflicts. But no official word has been issued by BeInSports on this matter – at least not in regard to the initial launch.

– How many matches will the online service ( provide? Will there be a charge for the service and how much??

– Will BeInSports partner with any other channels/services to expand the amount of games available or rely strictly on their online service for overflow matches? GOL-TV (with La Liga) and FOX (Champions League) have done a great job partnering with DirecTV to maximize the number of matches available to the fans.

– What other providers will offer BeInSports.? Besides DirecTV, Dishnetwork (channel 408) is the only other provider known to offer the channel on launch date.

The answers will come soon enough but this channel launch has certainly looked more chaotic than previous launches – which says a lot. Lets hope they get their “stuff” together for the sake of the game we all love….updates soon.

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