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No less than 34 qualifiers will be available to those lucky enough to have access to over the next 2 rounds of european World Cup qualifiers March 22nd to 26th. That is a tremendous selection of soccer matches. But espn3 is only available to internet providers who pay fees to ESPN. Some of the bigger names whose customers have free access are: AT&T (DSL and UVERSE users only), Comcast, Cox, RCN and Verizon Broadband & FiOS. (Full list available here). The service is also available to millions of college students using .edu IP adresses to access the net as well as military personnel (.mil). ESPN does allow “remote access” if you are currently not using your regular internet provider that does qualify for access.

Here is a list of european qualifiers available LIVE on


Friday, March 22, 2013
Time (ET) Match
..8:45am Israel v Portugal
12:00pm Bulgaria v Malta
..1:00pm Croatia v Serbia
..1:00pm Slovenia v Island
..2:15pm Andorra v Turkey
..2:30pm Liechtenstein v Latvia
..3:10pm Slovakia v Lithuania
..3:15pm Luxembourg v Azerbaijan
..3:30pm Czech Rep v Denmark
..3:30pm Hungary v Romania
..3:30pm Moldova v Montenegro
..3:30pm Netherlands v Estonia
..3:45pm Bosnia v Greece
..3:45pm Macedonia v Belgium
..3:45pm No. Ireland v Russia
..3:45pm Poland v Ukraine
..3:45pm Spain v Finland
..4:00pm France v Georgia
..4:00pm Scotland v Wales
..4:00pm San Marino v England
Saturday, March 23, 2013
12:30pm Cyprus v Switzerland
Tuesday, March 26, 2013
12:00pm Armenia v Czech Rep
..1:00pm Azerbaijan v Portugal
..1:00pm Estonia v Andorra
..2:30pm Turkey v Hungary
..3:30pm Netherlands v Romania
..3:30pm Serbia v Scotland
..3:45pm Belgium v Macedonia
..3:45pm Malta v Italy
..3:45pm Germany v Kazakhstan
..3:45pm No. Ireland v Israel
..3:45pm Poland v San Marino
..4:00pm Montenegro v England
..4:00pm France v Spain

No access to There are still plenty of european qualifiers available on ESPN’s regular TV channels as they will show 19 different matches live or delayed on ESPN2 and ESPN Deportes as well as matches on GOL-TV, Unimas and Univision Deportes. Check our CALENDAR page for complete listings.



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