Copa America coming to the USA in 2016!






CONCACAF and CONMEBOL have announced a special edition of the Copa America will take place in the United States in the summer 2016. The tournamnet is to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the creation of CONMEBOL. The tournament will feature all 10 CONMEBOL members as well as the US, Mexico and 4 additional CONCACAF members.

The Confederation said in a statement: “In July 2016, the CONMEBOL will be a century old, so to celebrate it with the pomp it deserves, the presidents of the (national) associations and members of the Executive Committee decided to hold a tournament with teams from throughout the Americas.” This is the first time the Copa America will take place outside of South America.

The tournament is in addition to the current 4-year cycle of the Copa America which is scheduled to take place in Chile in 2015. The exact dates of the 2016 special edition have not been announced but its believed they will be outside of the UEFA-2016 tournament dates which will take place in France.

In related news, Mexico and Japan have been invited to participate in the 2015 Copa America in Chile.











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