Bundesliga Preview: October 26-28, 2012






It’s a shame that the Bundesliga rights are on a network that gets no respect from providers in the USA: GOL-TV. With the loss of La Liga rights over the summer, GOL-TV found themselves removed from the HD lineup on DirecTV and are now only available in poor SD on satellite (Dish removed GOL-TV from its lineup several years ago over a fee dispute). Some across the country are lucky to receive GOL-TV in HD on their cable provider but many more have to endure the outdated SD signal. Truly a shame that a great league like the Bundesliga is not more widely available for us soccer fans.

Week #9 sees 8-0-0 Bayern Munich host Bayer Leverkusen in a mouthwatering encounter. Bayern are coasting this season with only Eintracht Frankfurt and Schalke 04 withing striking distance after the first 8 rounds. But this season is the exception for a league that has shown much parity over the past several seasons. While the top 3 may be drifting away from the rest of the field in the early going, its worth noting that there is only a 7 point difference between 4th place Dortmund and last place Wolfsburg. That is proof that any game in this league can produce an upset which is a welcome occurance compared to top leagues in Europe where winners remain winners and the games become more and more predictable.

Since losing La Liga over the summer, GOL-TV has retained all 5 internationally broadcast matches from germany (GOL-TV sublicensed 2 matches per round to ESPN last season). This week’s lineup on GOL-TV is as follows:


Friday, 26 October, 2012:
.2:30pm ET Augsburg v Hamburger

Saturday, 27 October, 2012:
.9:30am ET Freiburg v B. Dortmund
11:30am ET Schalke 04 v Nurnberg (2-hour delay)

Sunday, 28 October, 2012:
10:30am ET Stuttgart v Eintracht Frankfurt
12:30pm ET Bayern Munich v Bayer Leverkusen





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