10 Hours of MLS on NBC on Saturday






NBC Network will air 10 hours of Major League Soccer matches this Saturday, March 16th.  At 12:30pm ET on the main NBC channel, it’s DC United v New York Red Bulls.  At 3:00pm ET, it will be Sporting KC v Chicago Fire on NBC Sports Network.  At 5:30pm ET, NBC Sports Network will introduce a 2 1/2 hour studio block that will bounce between 4 MLS matches: Montreal v Toronto; Philadelphia v New England; Columbus v San Jose; and Real Salt Lake v Colorado. Finally, NBC Sports Network will televise Seattle v Portland at 8pm ET.


Arlo White and Kyle Martino will host the 2 1/2 hour block of matches which will be reminiscent of NFL’s “Red Zone” coverage which bounces from match to match and cuts live to matches when a goal is scored. This is the first time anything remotely close to this type of coverage has been applied to MLS. Italy’s Serie A and Bundesliga have similar coverage in Europe and its wonderful to see a network invest so much of its time and resources into the US league. Reminder, NBC will be the exclusive rightsholders of the Barclay’s Premier League starting with the 2013/14 season.



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